Friday, September 9, 2016

60 Days of Dog Training #1

The first day of 60 Days of Dog Training. Meet Whiny, Junior, and Axel was we spend the next 60 days working on their basic commands and teaching them proper behavior.

All proceeds from these video's will go to animal rescues so please watch them and share this with your


60 Days of Dog Training #7

60 Days of Dog Training #6

Thursday, August 25, 2016

60 Days of Dog Training

Follow Jessie and her three volunteers, Axel, Junior. and Whiny, as she undertakes 60 days of dog training to grind the rust off her old dog training skills. All proceeds go toward animal rescue so please share with friends and family, subscribe, and ask questions


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekly History Meme Contest

Hello everyone, 
I've been trying to come up with some weekly columns for the blog portion of the site for people to interact with and I think I came up with an idea.

I'm really into History but I don't have the chance to get into it as much as I like. So what I want people to do is submit history Meme's by commenting them on this post. 
I'm going to pick one each week and write an article stating whether it's true or false and lay out the facts as best I can determine without turning into an archeologist, and each week we can discuss it. 
I think it will be both fun and educational.

So submit your meme and follow this page, like on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. 
Jessie Wrights