Primordial Series

The Primordial Series
Meet the clans of the immortal Vipirs and Lycans as they travel through history. 

Starting with Kavala before Ancient Egypt was a thought, meet Tia, Luke, Sierra, Marcus, Lucius, Kyle, Kabaka, and Demetri. 

Dealing with gods, demons, hunters, and adapting to modern technology, follow along as they battle enemies and find their mates. 

Disclaimer: though some of these stories will have happy endings, not all will. This series is not a paranormal romance, it is my delve into horror. There will be torture, dismemberment, rape, gruesome murder, and things that will disturb you. I know this because there have been times while working on these stories that I have had to stop because I was freaking myself out. You have been warned.

Titles will be subject to change before publication.

Primordial Series #1 - Desert Love 

Primordial Series #2 - Moons Love 

Primordial Series #3 - Forbidden Love 

Primordial Series #4 - Cold Love  

Primordial Series #5 - Dark Love 

Primordial Series #6 - Caged Love 

Primordial Series #7 - Wild Love 

Primordial Series #8 - Hunters Love 

Primordial Series #9 - Broken Love 

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